The North Branch Restoration Project volunteers work to protect and restore native Illinois ecosystems. Remnants of our natural heritage still thrive along the North Branch of the Chicago River in Forest Preserves and other public lands. These preserves represent recreational, cultural, and scientific resources for millions of people. The biodiversity that survives in the woodlands, savannas, prairies, and wetlands here and elsewhere are essential to the future of humanity and our planet.


North Branch volunteers have been helping take care of these treasured public lands since 1977. Forty two years and growing!

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Living side by side with the rest of nature, we need to be good neighbors. Restoring ecological health is a prime goal.

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Each site has its own look, with many interesting aspects to explore and enjoy. Always something to capture with a camera.

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From how to sign up to what to wear and more, we're always happy to get questions. If we've missed something, let us know!


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  • Milkweeds On The North Branch

    Milkweed pollination is a complex multi-step affair, second only to orchid pollination for its intricacy. Milkweeds like the swamp milkwee...

  • Before there was digital..

    When the North Branch started, we were printing postcards and mailing letters to let our volunteers know about meetings and such (really!)...

  • Weeding the Woods

    This is the season we've waited for -- spring wildflowers, cool sunny weather and.... Garlic Mustard. As many volunteers know, the goal...

  • Wild Gardens

    Years ago, NBRP volunteers recognized that seed is a critical part of restoration work. In fact, it can be the limiting factor in bringing...