Somme Prairie Nature Preserve

Somme Prairie Nature Preserve

Located in the village of Northbrook, in northern Cook County, Somme Prairie Nature Preserve is the westernmost of the three Sommes preserves. They demonstrate the original continuum of prairie to the west and savanna and woodland to the east.

Somme Prairie Nature Preserve was dedicated as an Illinois Nature Preserve in 1984. It is 70 acres of gently rolling land that includes part of the floodplain of the West Fork of the Chicago River’s North Branch. Approximately three acres of high quality prairie are a remnant of the rich prairie flora that once covered much of the state. Plants with names like cream false indigo, hoary puccoon, and rattlesnake master invite you to come visit!


On workdays, we meet in the post office parking lot on the north side of Dundee Road, approximately a quarter mile west of Waukegan Road.
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For more information, contact Somme Prairie stewards Laurel Ross or Lisa Musgrave at Somme Prairie NP

Somme Prairie Nature Preserve Workdays